Benefits of installing Alu-Rex’s Gutter Clean System

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The Gutter Clean System is a leaf guard especially designed to be installed on top of existing gutters. This kind of gutter protection has several outstanding advantages. Furthermore, as this gutter guard comes with a 40-year clog-free warranty, your peace of mind is guaranteed! Protects against leaves and debris As its name indicates, the purpose of the Gutter Clean System is to prevent leaves and debris from collecting inside gutters. Rather than allowing leaves to accumulate in the gutter and clog it, they remain on top until they are blown away by the wind. As a result, gutters wo't get clogged and water will drain much more efficiently. When gutters get clogged, water tends to be pushed back onto the roof or overflow near the foundations, which can cause water infiltration. The Gutter Clean System thus prevents such problems. Drains water efficiently The perforated holes in the Gutter Clean System are designed to let a considerable amount of rainwater pass through. No matter how severe the rainstorm, water will always flow freely from the roof to your downspouts. Additionally, the roll-back edge retains water in the gutter during heavy rainfalls. Strengthens the gutter to protect against ice and snow Ice and snow collect on top of the Gutter Clean System leaf guard instead of inside the gutter. Consequently, the gutter does not get deformed under the added weight of snow. In addition, it is immune to the contraction and expansion of ice during freeze/thaw activity. As the gutter remains empty, water drains normally through the gutter as snow melts. Thanks to this gutter protection system, your eavestroughs will be functional year-round. Prevents the proliferation of insects When debris collects in a gutter, standing water often accumulates as well. Such a situation can be further exacerbated when debris ends up clogging the gutter as insects tend to lay their eggs in moist conditions. Fortunately, the Gutter Clean System allows you to prevent such a problem in addition to acting as a physical barrier against rodents and birds that might seek refuge in the gutter. For more information on the Gutter Clean System or to find an installer in your area, visit