Benefits of installing the Alu-Rex rain gutter protection

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Alu-Rex products are designed to protect rain gutters and prevent water infiltration. Here are the main benefits of installing a Maximum Drainage, Maximum Filtration or Maximum Sturdiness gutter protection system on your gutters. Drains water from any rainstorm without overflowing Alu-Rex gutter protection products are designed to drain rainwater efficiently. As leaves are kept out of the rain gutter, water can flow freely to the downspouts. Furthermore, as gutters wo't get clogged by debris, the risk of water infiltration in the roof or foundations is greatly reduced. Prevents clogging caused by leaves and debris Gutter guards keep leaves and debris out of the rain gutter. There is thus no accumulation or obstruction of any kind, nor any risk of leaks in the roof or foundations due to leaves clogging the gutter. The risk of water infiltration thereby decreases significantly. Moreover, as debris will no longer get stuck inside the gutter, the usual maintenance required is also reduced to a minimum! Allows efficient water drainage even during winter thaws As snow remains on top of the Alu-Rex gutter protection system, the rain gutter is functional year-round since water can flow freely inside. Additionally, as ice does't find its way into the gutter, it wo't cause deformation during spring thaw activity. For more information on the Alu-Rex series and the Maximum Drainage, Maximum Filtration or Maximum Sturdiness gutter protection systems, visit