Benefits of installing Clip N Guard leaf guards for gutters

Posted in Alurex

The Clip N Guard gutter protection system is designed to protect rain gutters from leaves and debris. Rather than allowing leaves to collect inside the eavestrough and cause clogging, the Clip N Guard keeps debris on top of the gutter and, as they dry out, allows them to be blown away by the wind. With the Clip N Guard, your rain gutter system will not get clogged and water will drain efficiently. As a result, rather than being pushed back onto the roof or falling near the foundations, which can cause water infiltration, water is led directly to the downspouts, even during severe rainstorms. The front roll-back edge also keeps water retained in the gutter during heavy rainfalls. During winter, ice and snow will remain on top of the Clip N Guard rather than filling the eavestrough. The gutter is thereby protected against ice expansion caused by freeze/thaw activity, which tends to deform gutters. Furthermore, as snow melts, water drains efficiently as snow remains on top of the rain gutter instead of accumulating inside the eavestrough. The Clip N Guard gutter protection system features several additional advantages. Discover them all here: