No more clogged rain gutters thanks to the Clip N Guard

Posted in Alurex

Alu-Rex’s Clip N Guard puts an end to clogged gutters! This leaf guard provides efficient protection against leaves and debris. Furthermore, as leaves can no longer clog the gutter, the risk of water infiltration is greatly diminished. Alu-Rex even guarantees outstanding performance of the gutter protection system for a 25-year period, meaning your rain gutters will never get clogged! Additionally, the Clip N Guard drains rainwater during rainstorms without overflowing. Its perforated holes provide the perfect balance between drainage and protection against debris. The roll-back edge also holds water inside the gutter, even during heavy rainfalls. In the winter time, the Clip N Guard protects rain gutters against ice and snow. While standard gutters fill up with ice and snow, thereby rendering them non-operational during winter, the Clip N Guard keeps snow on top of the gutter and, during winter or spring thaws, allows for normal evacuation through the rain gutter. With the Clip N Guard, rain gutters are protected against ice expansion and contraction caused by freeze/thaw activity. Made of aluminum, the Clip N Guard is a strong and reliable leaf guard that remains in place from one season to another. This gutter guard wo't rust, get bent out of shape and wo't cave into the rain gutter under the weight of ice and snow. Easy to install, you simply fasten the Clip N Guard onto your aluminum gutter. Installation does not require the use of any screws and involves just a single step! Invisible from the ground, the Clip N Guard also hides the interior of the rain gutter, making it more esthetically-pleasing when seen from inside the house compared to when nails or hangers are exposed. The Clip N Guard also acts as a very efficient anti-rodent barrier. By preventing standing water from accumulating inside the rain gutter, insects wo't lay their eggs inside and multiply. Moreover, as this leaf guard keeps the gutter closed, birds and rodents wo't seek refuge in the eavestroughs. For more information on the Clip N Guard, visit