How to choose the right gutter protection

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Several criteria must be considered when it comes to selecting a proper gutter protection system for your home. Make sure you analyze all your needs thoroughly in order to select the gutter protection system that best meets your requirements. Materials used to produce the leaf guard All gutter guards are not equal. To begin with, certain materials are stronger than others. For instance, aluminum gutter guards are generally more durable than those made of vinyl or plastic. On the other hand, they are often more costly. Secondly, some products retain more debris on top of the gutters. Consequently, if the latter are shielded from the wind, leaves are more likely to remain on the gutter protection itself. Likewise, foam or sponge inserts tend to hold more debris than other types of leaf guards. Gutter protection installation If you plan on installing gutter protection yourself, you wo't have access to the same kind of products as when you call upon the services of a professional. Generally, the products that require a more complex installation are reserved for professional installers. They are much stronger products as they go under the shingles or are attached with screws. Types of debris collecting in gutters The primary function of gutter protection is to prevent leaves and other debris from getting inside the gutter. As a result, it is important to select a model with perforated holes that wo't let in the kind of debris that is most commonly found on your property. Thus, the smaller the holes, the better the gutter protection will work to effectively retain small leaves, samaras (helicopters), pine needles and shingle residue. Rainfall and snowfall in your area Based on where you live, as well as the slope of your roof and the materials it is made of, rainfall may collect in the gutter more abruptly and in larger amounts. You must therefore install gutter protection that will drain a larger quantity of water under such circumstances. In addition, during winter, snow can add considerable weight on top of the gutter protection system. As snow generally remains on top of the gutter guard, a stronger product (e.g., one that is screwed in or made of metal) is necessary when heavy snowfalls are expected. For more information, visit