Benefits of installing gutter protection

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More than a simple leaf guard, gutter protection provides many advantages when it comes to effectively protecting your gutters. Here are the main benefits: Prevents water infiltration due to obstruction A standard gutter remains open and collects leaves, pine needles, shingle residue and other debris rather quickly. Over time, these clog the gutter and prevent water from draining efficiently. When water cannot drain well, it tends to rise onto the roof or spill over and collect near the foundations. This can lead to water infiltration in home foundations or the roof. By using gutter protection, leaves and debris wo't collect in the gutter, which in turn wo't get clogged. This alternative is ideal in order to prevent water infiltration. Less gutter maintenance When you install gutter protection, cleaning your gutters will be reduced to a minimum. Leaves will dry on top of the gutter guard and be blown away by the wind afterwards. As a result, you wo't have to clear out your gutter during the year. Efficient water drainage The primary function of a gutter is to collect rainwater on the roof to prevent it from spilling over near the home’s foundations. However, when the gutter is clogged, water cannot flow normally towards the downspouts. Gutter protection ensures efficient drainage while preventing debris from penetrating inside the gutter, thereby allowing water to flow freely inside the gutter. Strengthening the gutter In addition to protecting the gutter against leaves and debris, gutter protection makes gutters stronger. Similarly, as it prevents ice and snow from penetrating inside the gutter, gutter protection prevents deformation due to freeze/thaw activity and allows snowmelt to drain efficiently. For more information and tips on gutters, visit .