Ways to direct water away from home foundations

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Water near home foundations poses a real threat as the risk of water infiltration is very high. To counter this problem, water must be directed farther away from the residence. Here are a few solutions to that end: Downspout extension Downspout extensions are a great and affordable way to divert water away from your house. To remedy the situation, you simply connect the extension to the problematic downspout. Once water has been diverted more than 6’ away from the home, the risk of water infiltration becomes much lower. For more information on the products available, visit Foundation drain Another option is to lead water from the downspouts to a foundation drain or a French drain. This way, rainwater from the roof will be regulated by the same system that manages the water that collects near the foundations. Most homes are equipped with a foundation drain, although not all of them. Moreover, this practice is actually forbidden in some municipalities. Make sure that you get all the information you need prior to proceeding. However, opting for this solution is not necessarily recommended. Indeed, if the pipe linking the downspout to the drain gets clogged, you may be confronted with a complex and costly repair. Percolating well A percolating well is the most efficient alternative, although it is the most demanding time- and money-wise. All you need to do is to dig a hole, and add a geotextile fabric and small rocks where water is directed from the downspouts. Slowly, the soil will absorb the water that accumulates and eliminate the risk of water infiltration. While it is an excellent solution, it is rather complex to bring to fruition. You can always call upon a specialist to carry out this task for you.